Tourist Information Centre Passchendaele - Zonnebeke.

Hooge Crater museum and bistro

Best private museum in the

Ypres Salient.



Local WWI museum at Zonnebeke (Passchendaele)with dugout-

trench experiance and lots more...

100 jaar groote oorlog 

All information to visit WestFlanders.

In Flanders Fields
WWI museum in Ypres


WWI website

Talbot house

Authentic soldiers house

in Poperinge begind the

front + museum.

Mountainbike Belgium

Calender weekly MB-events

and fixed trails in Flanders.

Select Provincie West-


De Pond Farm

Private museum and collection

in St Juliaan. Only to visit after appointment.



2explore Flanders Fields

Guided tours from Ypres