Nearby Museums and war sites

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. Tyne Cot Cemetery - Visitors Centre
. Crest Farm - Polygoon Wood
. Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917
. Hooge Craeter
. Hill 62 - Hill 60
. German Cemetery Langemark - Hooglede - Vladslo
. The Last Post at the Menin Gate
. Flanders Fields Museum Ieper
. Talbot House - Lijsenthoek Poperinge

Historical Towns

In a area off 50 km you can visit

many historical towns.


. Ieper (Ypres)

. Poperinge

. Veurne - De Panne

. Oostende

. Brugge

. Gent

. Rijsel (Lille in France)


Passchendaele, crest farm, Tyne Cot Cemetery, Ypres, Flanders

Small villages


The perfect way to enjoy the nature and its charming villages is by walking or biking. On the B&B you can find plenty of maps and tours to enjoy nature and discover the war sites.

It is also possible to rent bikes or E-bikes when asked. 

Belgians are real Burgundians. We are proud on our frietjes (chips), beers, chees, chocolate, bread and pasterie, ...Do you know we even brew Belgian wine on the Flemish Hills?

In the close area there are restaurants and (farm)shops.



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Tyne Cot Cemetery​

I grew up next to the cemetery. As a child you don't understand how crasy this war must have been and I just enjoyed the special architecture, the flowers and the few strange speaking tourists that came around. That time in school there was verry little education about W.W.I. Luckely since 20years schools of Great Britain, Belgium and Holland come over to learn about this sad history. In 1999 my mother noticed the cemetery became more and more touristic and she decided to open the first B&B in the area. a B&B.  In 2007 the municipality of Zonnebeke and the Commonwelth War Grave Commision decided to open a  visitors centre at Tyne Cot and also the facilities of a parking and toilets. Since there was very little work as an art-teacher I replied for the job of conciërge of the Visitors Site. Now  I am still trying to keep the place clean, to help people around and yes sometimes to keep the students a little respectfull. This in combination with the B&B is more or less my habitat. Yep, you know where to find me.  

B&B 'De Klaproos'

In 1999 my mother 'Rosa' started the B&B. The location was perfect and it is just in my mothers nature to take care of people and to make them feel at home. Many guests do come back every year, some became already good friends of the family. The B&B has been modernised during the years with new furnitures, Wifi, digital TV- DVD.


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Booking, appartment, B&B, breakfast, salient, Ypres, Passchendaele

All comfort and a great panorama

Sorry no welness here. What we want to offer to the guests is space and rest for democratic prices. You can enjoy the great view from your seat with Ypres and the Flemish hills on the horizon. The cows are watching you while you are reading a book or planning  your trip. All documentation is available on the B&B, WiFi. There is a fully equiped kitchen and on sunny days you can enjoy the private terrace overvieuwing Tyne Cot. In the morning you can have a nice continental breakfast. Sugar- or glutenfree. Ask when you book please.