Last months have been difficult for everyone. Here at Tyne Cot I can report it is still extremely quiet and after all unreal not to see any guests from abroad. We think about all people that work in healthcare, food supply and cleaning services. We feel with all people that became sick or lost someone. People who lost their job or business. Keep faith and take care for each other!

Because of the end of the 100-years commemorations, future brexit and corona, the number of visitors dropped drastically. The municipality decided to manage the visitors centre their self in future so I would lose my job in the end of the year. It made it easy for me to take on other horizons and I am very very lucky to say I can start a totally new job next week as an educator for people with a mental disability.

This means the B&B still has a future which was quit a big deal for us. To make the organisation possible there will be made some changes. In future the B&B will be rented midweek, week or weekends only. You can order a high quality breakfast that will be made by a local delicacy shop. It is still possible to make the breakfast yourself, like you prefer.

Even with a kind off lockdown there are still many possibilities to enjoy the area, to visit the memorials, cemeteries, to enjoy the food (take away) and to relax at the lovely and unique apartment with your closest family. We hope we can visit you soon as possible. First we battle the virus. Right?

Take care,