BBQ- facility

You like to make a BBQ? No worries.

300 meters from the B&B (near my private home, my parents are staying next to the B&B) you can use all facilities to make a BBQ.

You can enjoy your meal in a charming patio overlooking the meadow with sheep, chickens and the kitchen garden.

Sure you can pick some veggies or berries out of the garden if that's the right time of the year.

No you can not eat the chickens or sheep. 


Small and bigger BBQ set

BBQ on fire bowl

Charcoal, kisling wood and woodblocks for the campfire

The use of retro glasses, plates and bowls. Dirty disches will be collected. You don't have to worry about that.


30 euro: 2 persons

50 euro: 3 to 4 persons

There is a minibar with beers, wine an cooldrinks that you can use (without obligation). The rates of the drinks are indicated. You take what you like and the payment will be done the next day..

If you like an aperitif this can be ordered and will be rated also the day after.

After the meal you can enjoy a glass around a small and cozy campfire.  

Please make reservation 2 days in advance.